Preguntas frecuentes

Yeah. Yo can start your 7 days trial at any time.

Of course. You can use VISA, Master Card or Amex through our secure Stripe payment gateway.

If you are a paid user, you get free email support. Send your inquiry to hello@coontact.me

No. At the time of contracting your payment plan, 21% VAT will be automatically charged.

Of course. Once you make the payment you will receive a legal invoice in your email.

Needless. We want the process to be fast and transparent. You only need to show your QR or the Premium card and the recipient will open the browser on their mobile with all your data.

Yeah! Change any data from your personal profile or VCard and save. Immediately the changes will be available.

Keep in mind that if you change the personal-URL your previous page will no longer be available and any QR that you have previously created will stop working.

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