With coontact.me you can create your personal digital business card in minutes.


From your dashboard that you access with a username and password, you can create, add, modify, publish and delete your Vcard-Profile at any time.

QR editor

A custom QR code builder where you can modify the design, size, colors, add a logo, etc. and also download it to include it in emails or printed pieces.


You have 4 pre-designed templates to apply to the design of your Profile-Vcard. In each of these you can modify colors, fonts, images, etc. and adapt it to your needs.


You will have the possibility to publish your Profile-Vcard under the domain me.coontact.me/your-profile or mi.perfilqr.com/your-profile. Choose the one that suits you.

Personal URL

Your own Vcard-Profile will have an exclusive and unique URL address for you. No one else will be able to use this URL if you have already reserved it. For example me.coontact.me/YOUR-NAME-SURNAME


Upload your own profile photo or your company logo, a favicon for the profile page, an opengraph type image to include when sharing on rss and if you wish, a background image.


When you create your Profile, you generate a downloadable file of the Vcard type. This format is standard and allows data to be added to any address book, whether on a computer or on a mobile phone.

Remarketing pixels

You can include in your Profile any conversion pixel from Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora or Tiktok.


You decide if your profile is crawlable by Google and Bing, so that it will appear listed in these search engines. Activate and deactivate whenever you want.

Password protected

If you want to protect access to your profile with a password you can do so.


A powerful traffic analysis panel of your Profile-Vcard. Number of views, visits, country of origin, device, operating system, language, etc.

For teams

Exclusive for Agency/Corporate plan

From a single account you can create and manage different Profiles-Vcards. An administrator is in charge of creating, editing and publishing.


Exclusive for Agency/Corporate plan

It allows creating different projects in order to organize the Profiles-Vcards. Example: The “Barcelona” project contains 5 profiles of the employees of the headquarters of this city.

Own domain

Exclusive for Agency/Corporate plan

All profiles will be published on the customer’s domain or subdomain. Example: corporate-domain.com/profile

Custom CSS

Exclusive for Agency/Corporate plan

Profile layout can be customized using CSS styles.


Exclusive for Agency/Corporate plan

It is possible to add Javascript code such as a chat, bot, form, Google Analytics code, etc.


Exclusive for Agency/Corporate plan

Direct connection with our REST API.
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