Discover the best Networking tool for the B-Travel show

The B-Travel show has designed an agenda of professional activities to promote business contacts. We also find the new B-Travel Job Marketplace space for recruitment and networking, organized by Barcelona Activa, so that companies in the tourism sector can select new professional talents.

How can I network during the B-Travel show?

The B-Travel show provides a unique opportunity to connect with leaders in the tourism industry and the conferences held by the show continue to play an important role in personal and business relationships.

A simple personal card printed on paper (the one of a lifetime) is NOT of great help when we want to do effective networking. It becomes a piece of waste that will most likely end up in a bin.

In return, the personal digital business card is the perfect alternative to evolve into a world of digital business relationships and grow your network of contacts in an agile and dynamic way.

Effective networking is undoubtedly an art and not only oral communication is enough. Incorporating a digital card into your networking process is undoubtedly a plus that will help you spread your contact information digitally.

But how can I use my digital card for networking?

It is so easy that you will surely get it up and running in less than 5 minutes, so let’s get to it:

The first thing is to create your own digital card. With the online editor that provides you, you add your personal information such as your photo, an introductory text and all the relevant data such as telephone number, address and social networks.

Now that you have your personal space, you can create a custom QR code and download it. Some QR code utilities can be:
– Save it on your mobile phone, so you can show it to anyone to capture it with their mobile
– Print it on paper and clip it behind your mobile. If you have a transparent case to protect your mobile, you can put it between the phone and the case.
– Add it to your LinkedIn profile or any social network
– Include it in the signature of all your emails

And you are ready to make your network of contacts grow.

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