Digital card for Networking

In a fast-changing digital world, it is very easy to create a digital card that allows you to network easily, effectively and without complications. You just need to have a digital card that will help you share your contact details with anyone and directly to their mobile phone.

What is a digital card?

Digital cards for networking are the solution to the typical situations of “I left my cards in the car”, “I ran out of cards” or “I changed my mobile phone”…

A digital card consists of a personal profile that is available online, a QR code that allows you to share that profile, and a physical card with NFC technology that you carry in your wallet and that you can use to share your personal data with a single touch.

What are the advantages of a digital card?

Digital cards for networking have several interesting advantages, such as:

They are DIGITAL: they do not suffer over time, they do not wrinkle and they do not get wet.

They are TRAVELERS: You always carry them on your mobile phone

They are DYNAMIC: they can be updated in real time. Any data can be changed in seconds.

They are SUSTAINABLE: You don’t have to cut down hundreds of trees to print them since they are digital.

They are EXCLUSIVE: You will leave your contacts speechless when you show your digital card.

They are MEASURABLE: You can know how many people have scanned your QR code or seen your profile with NFC technology.

They are ECONOMIC: For a low price you can count on your digital card.

How is my data shared with other people?

Fortunately, there is the standard vCard format that allows us to download and add any contact information to our address book. includes in each personal profile a button to add personal data to any mobile phone or computer.

Sharing the personal card can be done in different ways:

QR: generates an exclusive QR code for your profile, so you can download it to your mobile phone and always keep it handy to show it to your new contacts.

NFC: We can create a physical card with NFC technology, which will allow you to bring it closer to your contact’s mobile phone to open your personal profile

EMAIL SIGNATURE: You can also include the QR code in the signature of corporate emails

LINK: If you capture your QR code you will see that it contains a personalized url with a code at the end. If you share this link, they will open your personal profile and allow you to track how many times it is opened.

What information can I include on my digital card?

You can add a background image in the layout, your own profile photo, a description of your profile/experience, first and last name, email, title, social networks, websites, and any additional text you wish to include.

How can I start creating the digital card for networking?

It is extremely easy and fast.

  1. Create an account in the registration section
  2. Confirm your account through a link that you will receive in the email
  3. Create your personal profile
  4. Generate your personalized QR code
  5. Share with your new contacts

You can also watch this video that will quickly explain how to create your digital business card for networking.

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