We protect your personal data – 2FA Access

With the rise of mobile phones and laptops, access to our personal data by malicious individuals or cyber criminals is becoming very common. Malicious attacks are more frequent every day and are causing serious discomfort for companies, governments or anyone who has information on the network.

Fortunately, there are mechanisms to try to stop this type of incident and among them is the Two-factor Authentication. This extra layer of security makes it possible to ensure that whoever connects is really who they say they are.

For example, you must be used to receiving SMS messages that contain a provisional access code or authorization for a purchase. This is 2FA.

At coontact.me we are committed to maintaining the security of our clients’ data, and as an additional protection measure we have just incorporated 2FA. Obviously its use is completely optional, but 100% recommended!

From the user account it can be quickly activated through the account menu.
We recommend using apps like Authy, Google Authenticator, or 2FAS.

ConfiguraciĆ³n 2FA coontact.me
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