Plan for Agencies or Companies

Our most recent update has incorporated the new plan that is available for Agencies and Companies

We were looking forward to this moment and it has finally come true: Agencies and companies, regardless of their size, have a plan designed especially for them. It offers them the possibility of incorporating their clients, departments or employees under an administration account and from there managing their own Profiles-Vcards. is an online application that allows you to create your Vcard-Profile and add personal data. This can be shared at any time and place through a QR code, a URL or a physical Premium card.
It is the evolution of traditional paper business cards!

Rafa Biancardi – founder

The Agency/Corporate plan incorporates very interesting features that streamline business processes for any professional. Some of the advantages of the plan are:

  • Own domain: Vcards-Profiles can be viewed on the agency’s or company’s own domain. For example, the typical profile with the Premium plan has the domain, but the profile under an Agency/Corporate account will consist of the This feature is vital when sharing your profile with other people!
  • Cuenta administrativa: Bajo una sola cuenta de la agencia o empresa pueden albergarse todos los Perfiles-Vcards. Esto permite tener un administrador que realiza las altas de nuevos Perfiles, hace las modificaciones y/o actualizaciones pertinentes o elimina usuarios que ya no existan.
  • Administrative account: All the Profiles-Vcards can be stored under a single account of the agency or company. This allows an administrator to register new Profiles, make the pertinent modifications and/or updates, or delete users that no longer exist.
  • Projects / departments: To make life easier for the account administrator, it is possible to create different Projects or departments and assign users to them. A case that illustrates this characteristic very well is the creation of Projects by City. Suppose a company has employees in Paris, New York and Barcelona. The administrator will create these 3 projects and in each of them he will add the corresponding Profiles-Vcards for each project.
  • CSS and Javascript: If you require advanced options, such as adding a Chat button to each Profile-Vcard, it’s as easy as incorporating a Javascript code. And if it is necessary to refine the design, CSS code can be included.
  • And many more options…

If you want to try and see all the possibilities it offers, open your free trial account here.

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