Real case: Puertos y Más – Digital business cards

Puertos y Más is a transport and logistics news portal focused on the new mobility, innovation and digitization of companies in the sector.

We found the perfect solution to carry out commercial actions and share our personal data. We used to spend money and time printing on paper, but with the QR card and PVC we are saving costs in the company. In addition, commercials only carry the card on their mobile or only one in their wallet!

Xavier Gual – Director

Basic needs

Being a 100% digital medium, Puertos y Más was looking for a practical, economical and eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper business cards.

Proposed solution

The solution that perfectly suited their needs was the Agency/Corporate account. This allowed Puertos y Más to create the personal profiles of its team in less than 1 hour and provide each professional with their own online card ready to share.

Tarjeta de visita digital con código QR
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